How does a candy Bar Display Work? 
A candy bar display is a fantasic addition for any event.  It can serve as take home favors for your guests, as well as a decor centerpiece and conversation pieve during your event.  We set up a colorful display of candy like the ones you see on my website. We then porvide cello plastic bags or containers (of your choice) with customized labels and twist ties so that your guests can select their own favorite candies from the display with scoops and tongs to create a take-home treat bag.
Does the Scrumptious Candy Bar Creations Co. make the candy?
We do not make the candy ourselves.  Our service is an artistic display of the candies buffet style.  We are generally able to provide any kind of candy you would like for your display from one of our many suppliers.
Do you have a reatil location?
We do not have a retail location.  We currently work out of our homes.  We are always happy to meet with our clients to discuss details and are happy to do that at any location that is convenient for you.
How do you chooose what candy you are going to have?
If you are a candy lover and you know excatly what candy you would like to have for your display, that is wonderful and we are always happy to provide the candy that is requested (some candies are considered upgrades and may require an additional charge) or, if you aren't a candy expert, but you know you would like your display to be a certain color or follow a theme, we are always happy to make suggestions of candies that will work well for you.
How much candy comes with a display?
Our pricing ranges on slelection and size of your display, but we will always make sure you have more then enough candy for all your quests. 
Does someone from Scrumptious Candy Bar Creations stay during your event?
We do not stay during the event.  We set-up everything before your event so that it is ready to go and we return at the end of the event to clean-up, pick-up and pack up any leftover candy for you to take home with you.  If an attendent is needed, there will be an additional $20 an hour fee added to your service with a minimum of 3 hours.
What if my event is for children and I am concerned about the glassware?
Just let us know if your event is for a younger crowd and we will provide open-top and/or non-glass containers if you prefer to make your display hild friendly.
Can you provide Kosher, Sugar Free or Peanut Free candy?
Absolutely!  Please just let us know if you have any special requests such as these and we are happy to do our best to accomodate!