It was from the purchase of my first home where I began to have such a love for decorating and displaying.   A day out shopping for home decor is when I noticed a very large wine shaped glass that caught my eye and then I noticed many more unique shaped glass display jars.  I  purchased three that same day!   I thought they would look so pretty to decorate and display them with all of my family and friends favorite candies and chocolates for them to enjoy when they would come over. 
To no surprised the display was such a hit and everyone loved it. I then had a love to collect all different style glass display jars and fill each one up with all different tyoes of candy!
 It was on my daughter Alexa's 5th birthday where such an inspiration and love came from when I saw her face and eyes light up so big at her first glance of her very own candy display!  Her reaction was as if it was Christmas morning!  Alexa's candy bar display was tailored and themed just for her...from beautiful linens, colored ribbons, personlized signs, all of Alexa's favorite candies-chocolates and was all decorated and inspired from her huge love for the hit movie Disney's Frozen!!  Alexa's candy bar crenterpiece was the "Hit" of her party!
From that moment on after seeing my daughther and our family and friends loving and enjoying all the yummy goodies, all I wanted then was to bring everyone I could the same love, excitment and happiness! Soon after, my great enjoyment, happiness and love in creating was established...Scrumptious Candy Bar Creations was born! 
Rainbows have always been a favorite for me and my daughter.  All the vibrant colors instantly make us happy and being able to create beautiful candy bar displays using all these popping colors in so many differrnt candy and cholcolate color selections!
My goal and guarantee is to create the most sensational Scrumptious Candy Bar Creations that will put a memrable lasting smile of pure happiness on all of my clients faces!!